BC Windmill Cylinders

BC windmill cylinders in sizes ranging between 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm with a unique valve and foot valve design.

BC force head in size 50mm. BC Stainless steel pipe and rods manufactured on customer demand.

Parts & Spares readily available..

All parts are manufactured locally and are available.
All parts are manufactured from high quality material like stainless steel, leather and HDPE.

Components of the Burger Cylinder:


1. Foot Valve

2. Plunger with connection rod

3. Cylinder barrel


Windmill Cylinder Foot Valve

1.1 Foot valve consists of a housing that seals with an o-ring against the barrel.

Half round ball with a centering shaft seats on the housing seat for water-flow control.

6mm Stainless shaft acts as valve stop


Windmill Cylinder Plunger with connection rod

2.1 Plunger consists out of a connecting rod that is attached to a plastic fitting by means of threads.

Plastic housing is designed to accommodate either a CB washer or Jooste o-ring or both.

Rod connection acts as valve stop

Windmill Cylinder Plunger Components

2.1 CB Washers leather cup

2.2 Plunger housing

2.3 Half round ball with centering shaft

BC Windmill Cylinder Advantages

  • The combination of a stainless steel barrel and leather washer improves friction resistance and sealing properties, better performance than other cylinders in low wind speeds.
  • Unique valve design for better water flow through the cylinder
  • Valve design to accommodate other cylinder rings(washers)
  • Unique foot valve secure rings “sirclip” makes it easy and fast for inspection or leather cup replacement
  • Competitive and affordable
  • Rust free
  • Local design and manufacturing and wear parts are commonly available

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